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TPA Fulfillment Services

Careington BenefitSolutions offers an in-house fulfillment operations center that creates marketing materials and pre-sale and post-sale materials for your clients. Once a member joins, we can create, print and mail membership fulfillment kits that include insurance policies, ID cards, custom welcome letters, product information, fee schedules and more.

  • State-of-the-art, in-house fulfillment services
    • Ability to produce 50,000 fulfillment pieces per eight-hour shift
  • Design, production and mailing services
    • Brochures and booklets
    • Notifications and welcome letters
    • Membership booklets and ID cards
  • Policy or certificate issue
    • All policy and certificate information, forms, format and text will be provided by the client and can be mailed independently or with other membership fulfillment materials
  • Multiple branding options
    • Private-label
    • Co-branded
  • Detailed reporting and tracking capabilities

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