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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM CT

About Careington BenefitSolutions

Careington BenefitSolutions offers affordable access to quality insurance products and services that will benefit both you and your clients.

TPA Billing & Reconciliation

We offer flexible client-specific account setup and implementation, and can either co-brand or private-label any insurance billing scenario.

Commission Payments

Agents are issued monthly commission payments and assigned to clients through a proprietary administration system.

TPA Fulfillment Services

Our in-house fulfillment operations center creates and distributes dynamic insurance plan marketing and membership materials.

Dental Plan Administration

Offer your clients a choice with a nationwide network of more than 200,000 general dentistry and specialty dental access points.

Property & Casualty

Careington BenefitSolutions helps provide protection through our knowledgeable specialists with experience across the economic spectrum in both personal and commercial lines.

TPA marketplace administrative solutions that successfully promote insurance products directly to individual customers.

Deliver a distinctive insurance product solution to every client, every time.

Are you a TPA or an insurance company or organization looking to offer insurance products either through employer groups or directly to consumers that can be individually billed? Careington BenefitSolutions can help you do just that by providing high-quality engagement technology solutions and individual billing capabilities that will benefit both you, your clients and their members.

We achieve this by delivering customized administration solutions that produce a unique customer experience, flexibility and a comprehensive billing resource that includes both group and individual insurance billing plan options.

  • Customized platform that communicates your unique product value to members
  • Superior customer experience
  • Product innovation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Industry leadership
  • Marketing expertise
  • Speed to market

Administration services are provided using in-house resources (marketing, creative, technology, administration and sales channels) and staff, which allows for unparalleled quality control, speed to market and cost containment. Every administration scenario is customized to each client. We can also meet your insurance billing, payment processing and reconciliation needs through client-specific account setup and implementation, including co-branding or private-label arrangements.

Happy customers are loyal customers. By offering your clients great value, flexibility and ease-of-use, you are ensuring years of loyalty, improving your retention rates and generating revenue.

Simply put, Careington BenefitSolutions provides you and your clients with administrative and marketing services that remain unrivaled in the marketplace today.

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