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Careington BenefitSolutions is your insurance billing, payment processing, reconciliation and collections solution.

We offer flexible client-specific account setup and implementation and can help insurance carriers take group-billed products direct to individual customers. This is done through a technology marketplace platform that engages the customer, makes them want to learn more about your products and solutions, and then allows the customer to enroll and individually pay for those products in a real-time setting.

  • We work within a proprietary billing and administration system.
  • We accommodate multiple payment options and coverage tiers.
  • We offer product bundling or separate billing structures.
  • First of the month or "Any Day" eligibility and billing options are available.
  • Every insurance billing scenario can be co-branded or private-labeled.
  • We support both group and individual member billing.
    • Group billing - We provide systematic, group-level monthly premium invoices to our clients whose list bill invoice each month is structured to accommodate multiple plans, billing locations and employee classes.
    • Individual billing - We can accept and process e-check payments, ACH/bank draft, wire transfers, checks, money orders and credit/bank cards. We also accommodate monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing cycles.
  • Careington BenefitSolutions is 100% PCI-compliant.
  • Our call center assists customers who have questions about billing or need help enrolling.
    • We have licensed insurance agents who are licensed in all 50 states available to help in the sales process.
    • Additionally, we have a team that contacts customers who cancel their coverage with a high success rate of retention.

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