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Executive Team

Stewart Sweda
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Stewart Sweda has been an integral part of Careington's growth since 1992. Beginning as a member service representative, Stewart has worked in many areas of the company and is intimately familiar with all aspects of the business and the health care industry at large. Stewart's comprehensive product knowledge, expansive market awareness and visionary leadership contribute to his and Careington's success in the marketplace. During the past 10 years, Stewart has led the growth of Careington's membership from 500,000 to over 8 million. As chief sales and marketing officer of Careington BenefitSolutions, Stewart oversees all aspects of sales and marketing, including product development, direct marketing and customer service. An active member of both NADP and CHA, Stewart has forged relationships with major-managed health care organizations, PPOs, insurance companies and third party administrators. Stewart graduated from the University of Missouri in 1991.

Greg Rudisill
Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Greg Rudisill brings more than three decades of experience in employee benefits to Careington BenefitSolutions, specifically in managed health care and insurance. In his current role as senior vice president of strategic partnerships, Greg is responsible for developing relationships with managed care companies, insurance carriers, third party administrators and with broker/consultant organizations.