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Dental Plan Administration

With superior dental claims management, insurance plan administrative support and the strength of one of the nation's leading dental PPO networks, Careington BenefitSolutions is your dental plan administration and dental insurance network solution.

Careington BenefitSolutions utilizes the Careington Maximum Care Network, a nationwide network with significant presence. It's the largest network of its kind in the nation and will give your customers access to superior dental care treatments and services.

We have the ability to lease out our PPO networks - including Care PPO, Platinum, Maximum Care and more - providing claims payers all relevant data they need to pay the claim.

We also provide the option to use InfiNET, our dental claims re-pricing solution. This service allows clients already using a dental PPO network to process out-of-network claims through a simple drag-and-drop interface, easily saving money and maximizing your potential profit pool instantly. InfiNET can also be used as the primary dental network.

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