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About Careington BenefitSolutions
About Careington BenefitSolutions

Customizable, Cost-effective Solutions


Careington BenefitSolutions delivers customizable, cost-effective solutions that
improve the affordability and accessibility of quality health care.

Founded as an affiliate company of Careington International Corporation (, the premier provider of health, wellness and lifestyle discount programs, our company is guided by the same entrepreneurial attitude and principles that make Careington the leader it is today.  Born out of the same cutting-edge environment, we work with the nation’s leading carriers, offer health care reform expertise, deliver superior insurance plan management and promote creativity and flexibility into all of our custom insurance and administration solutions:

  Best-in-class insurance plan options Dental claims administration
  Insurance product manufacturing Enrollment resource center
  Trusted insurance carriers Marketing and fulfillment services
  Flexible TPA services Billing services – group and individual insurance

Because of our reach, we have become a premier resource for the best-in-class industry products and administrative
solutions for our clients.  From life and health insurance, to dental insurance, vision insurance and more, our suite of insurance products and our in-house administration center make us the perfect fit for any customer!

Our Customers
  Individuals and families
  Employer groups of all sizes
  Affinity groups
  Part-time workers
  And more!

Our Products
  Major medical insurance
  Limited medical insurance
  Long term care
  Short-term medical insurance
  Dental insurance
  Vision insurance
  Disability insurance
  Critical Illness insurance
  Life insurance (whole, term and universal)
  Cancer insurance

And, to stay ahead of the competition and to exceed the demand from our clients for unique, affordable group and individual insurance options, we continue to expand our portfolio of partners, insurance products and services in an effort to be the industry’s most recognized, most reliable single-source solution. Let us be yours!
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